Gifford Pinchot - the first American forester

Born into a wealthy lumbering family in 1865, Pinchot grew up close to the forest environment in his home state of Connecticut. Shortly after the family realized how detrimental their logging business had become to the surrounding land, he had just graduated from college. He was forced to travel across seas to learn more about forestry and the idea of conservation. After spending a year in Nancy, France studying at the National School of Forestry, he returned to the United States determined to introduce the idea of conservation to Americans.

Guide to Carrizo Plain National Monument’s Wildflower Bloom

Spring is here, and so is the super bloom! Carrizo Plain National Monument is one of the best places in Central California to see this season’s wildflowers. Just east of San Luis Obispo, this spot is accessible for Northern California and Southern California residents. There are several different ways to view the wildflowers depending on how long you want to spend there, so check out my guide to get the most out of your trip to this National Monument!

Six Tips For Your Winter Road Trips in the Bay Area

Now that winter has fully set into the Golden State, camping and backpacking in the harsh weather might seem a little bit too far outside of your comfort zone. Many of us in California don’t have the proper gear to keep us dry and warm in these winter months, but fear not my adventure seekers! If you have a car that’s big enough to sleep in and the desire to explore, keep reading for my top six tips on how to crush your next winter road trip. It’s hard to justify paying for campsites when you’r

A Hiker’s Guide to Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park originated in 1908 as a National Monument, but in 2013 president Barack Obama passed legislation to graduate the area to National Park standing. Located just East of Soledad, Pinnacles is a great place to stop if you are traveling up or down the 101 freeway. Although the park is the 5th smallest National Park in the United States, only spanning about 40 square miles, the small size offers weekend travelers the opportunity to experience the entire park in just a couple day

Conquering Cone Peak, Big Sur

About an hour drive North of San Luis Obispo County on the Central Coast lies the Big Sur Forest. Full of hiking trails, waterfalls, and campgrounds, this area is also home to the highest coastal peak in the contiguous 48 states, Cone Peak. Spring is the best season to tackle this beast due to lower temperatures and the abundance of wildflowers. Many hikers drive up a back-road to a trailhead that lies a couple miles from the peak, but you can also turn this adventure into a 26-mile backpacking

Hikers Guide to the Irish Hills Natural Reserve

Sometimes it's hard to integrate outdoor activity into our day to day lives as busy college students and working community members. If you struggle to find time to get outside, this is the hike of you! With a trailhead located right at the end of Madonna Road, and various different trail lengths, this hike is easy to get to and can be altered in difficulty and distance depends on one's time limit. This page (8-9) requires that you have Javascript enabled on your browser.